Hardwood Flooring Services in Central and White Mountains of New Hampshire

Our hardwood installation and hardwood restoration services provide you with a gorgeous hardwood floor for a competitive price. Based on our unmatched standard of quality every hardwood flooring project is estimated and assessed under numerous criteria such as; home layout, heating system, lighting exposure, wood species, board width, age of home, job-site humidity, interior design elements, and the list continues. By considering all of these factors, we are able to offer you a hardwood floor so beautiful that will make your friends and neighbors jealous!

Hardwood Floor Installation:

The Hardwood Flooring you purchase is only as good as the hands you put in. There is only one opportunity to properly install your hardwood flooring. Most installers overlook critical areas of an installation that over time will leave your floors with un-sightly gaps, squeaks, cupping, vulnerable to moisture and daily abuse. The durability and longevity of our hardwood floor installations is our top priority. Properly installed hardwood floors should last the lifetime of the home.

Handmade Custom Inlays & Borders

We have created custom hardwood floors with formal elegance, rustic charm, and elemental beauty. Every Border and Handmade Inlay starts with your vision, if you can dream it..we can make it a reality! All handmade inlays are crafted from hand selected 3/4" hardwood. We utilize many different hardwood species and choose specific grain patterns to achieve "life like" impression-ism for every Handmade Custom Inlay created. Our Custom Hardwood Borders are routed, splined and glued to preserve the strength, beauty and last the life of the home. All of custom features are made from 3/4" hardwood so they can withstand abuse as well as future refinishes.
Advantage Hardwood Flooring is the premier source for custom, one of a kind, totally unique, never seen before one off's, never duplicated, the mold has been broken meticulously hand-crafted inlays and borders!!
This is where the real "artistry" comes in to play and where my passion overflows!!
Custom Floor Design - hardwood flooring services in New Hampton, NH
Notice how the leaves appear to be on top of the floor (trust me they are not).
I can take an idea from the ethers of your mind, or a picture you may have and the artist in me takes over and the result every time is a jaw-dropping creation, that most believe is impossible until they see it.
Handmade Design - hardwood flooring services in New Hampton, NH
White oak leaves with a black walnut shadow.
Hardwood Flooring - hardwood flooring services in New Hampton, NH
Curly maple wood grains are hand selected and paired for a life like re-creation.
Wood Design - hardwood flooring services in New Hampton, NH
Before adding border to floors.
Custom Flooring Borders - hardwood flooring services in New Hampton, NH
Bordered maple hallway with a simple santos mahogany accent strip and inverted corners add elegance and intrigue to an otherwise plain floor!
  • Every inlay and border is made to match the thickness and wear layer of your floor, this makes it possible for the inlay or border to last as long as your floor does and stand up to all the same abuse.
  • Every inlay and border is created by me the owner personally. I do not use a laser or router template.
  • Every inlay and border that is created is locked mechanically with tounge and groove and chemically with premium construction adhesive.
  • I have tested a variety of methods and adhesives and have developed a proven method to secure the many pieces of your inlay or border together for worry-free performance.
  • If you have any questions, ideas or design inspirations contact me for a free consultation, I would love to speak with you at length about the all the details, big or small of your next project.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Although hardwood floors can withstand multiple sandings, they can also be easily destroyed by inexperience, apathy or both. All hard and soft wood floor species require different sanding techniques based on their condition, age, board width and light exposure. Overlooking the proper technique for the different species and board width can lead to wavy, choppy, grainy, "butchered" look. Application of chosen finish is equally important, a hazy, rough, uneven, sloppy application of finish can easily ruin a great sanding.